Friday, 26 August 2011

out of my mind..BACK IN 27MIN..


i am not here to show you shopping hauls and give fashion advice of 'what not to wear''s not me
i am here to inspire confidence and advocate creativity inspire you a bit to think beyond the box of 'what is' to 'what can be'

i hope it can encourage you to look beyond the limitations of 'other' created rules and follow your own vibe...wear what makes you feel good about yourself...

in my dress like this everyday..but then family wont let me..the norms..I have to follow..MY MOM "i got a reputation..dnt go crazy on us"..but she knows, i dnt always listen..i am.. ladi insane.

oh and if there is a word thats misappropriated is this word "HAUTE COUTURE" noo..this is what HAUTE COUTURE means..

fashion imitating art.

so in closing argument.ONE LIFE.LIVE IT.YOUR WORLD.YOUR WAY. ribbbaaaaa!


  1. totally love it doll, wow...inspired!

  2. aww thanx me love..lets keep it going for FASHION..for Botswana:)