Wednesday, 10 August 2011



weirdly enough African Fashion week seem to always go under the rader fashion season after fashion season. never the same hype, never with the same vigor and attention accorded to the rest. where are the globe trotting streetstyle bloggers capturing tons of photos of the sartorial bests of the fashion insiders? where are the fashion editors who for the past few fashion seasons have held the 'tribal, ethnic' trend hostage? where were the designers who in the last few seasons have adopted , appropriated, stolen African prints/wax/batics as their fabric of choice never ever giving credit? where are the popular fashion bloggers of influence who can fly all the way to fucking New Zealand ... can they not afford tickets to Africa? The whole shit is just rude and fucking disrespectful. but i suppose Fashion is not supposed to be considerate, it is of the moment and lets face it for more than a few moments, Africa has never quite been 'of the moment'. The bastardization and marginalization of Africa is a fashion trend that has endured and continues to go undiscussed. Is there even a Vogue Africa?* A whole fucking continent, and there is no mainsteam coverage of the S . Afica fashion week offerings. i suppose some are scared to say the wrong thing and alienate their readers but my guess is that they don't care. The fashion tribe seem to only follow that which the Fashion gods have decreed to be 'relevant', Africa's influence is apparently to 'niche' to measure up. African based designers probably aren't as 'genius' /'epic'/killer as the rest of 'em.. I guess there is a unspoken 'consensus' that fashion/style bloggers are supposed to be 'neutral' and not have an opinion that will seem controversial(and cost them potential sponsorships)...well those who think and subscribe to that idea can all kiss my African ass...

AFRICA IS A CONTINENT!!!AFRICA GOT FASHION..AFRICAN FASHION INSPIRE..WE need to stand up for whats ours.they be taking our patterns texture..motherland nature and passing them as our own. WELL, this week botswana will experience a bit of NOT CHOKE..HERE COMES THE FASHION WEEK COLOUR IN THE DESERT 2011 12-13 AUGUST.BE THERE.:)

buy what YOU like, wear what you like
that's what is all about
that's what it boils down to..REMEMBER DON'T LEAVE YOUR COATS AT HOME EITHER:)

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  1. well said...sister...well said!!!we deserve credibility and recognition. we will not be ignored!!!