Monday, 7 November 2011


We EAT, PREY, LOVE fashion.
YOU know we do.So when we notice a fashion nerd we have to act.CAPTURE their voice.We Just do it. Here's to you.Just do it too.You can Express how you feel or don't. Fake the Funk(confidence) till it becomes real. If there is something you want to wear, wear it. Don't worry if anyone else would like it , don't worry about the whispers and the finger pointing. If you can't take the eyes of the world on you , Put on some shades.
 Perhaps you desperately need to find a PINK  you, or don't know how to rock her.

SHE knows.We Know,PINK is not a colour its an attitude.


Name: Tebogo Outlule
Occupation: Student & entrepreneur "Something Sweet"--You are what you eat, Live deliciously
Single or Married: Single
Where are you from; Born in Harare, raised in LondonNew York City and Gaborone. Home village is Maunatlala.
What do you love most about your cityWhat i love most about Gaborone is that though we are small in the city, there is so much creativity to bring to the public eye.
What inspires your style and how would you describe it: If anyone truly knows me they understand that i love to take HUGE bites of the rainbow. My style is inspired by my personality which is eclectic. Colours represent moods and they stand you out. I like to stand out with my appearance because your 1st impression is your lasting one. I mean who wants to look the same, fashion wise?
Vintage or latest trend my latest trend would be prints and bold bright colours, Cat eyed glasses, neutral nail-polish, stone wash mommy jeans and jewellery. The bright colours may or less be considered my trademarkI've been told i look like a giant Smarties box ( I took it as a compliment lol) But I love how different prints can be incorporated into one outfit when done stylishly. 
Any Style Icons (dead or alive) Victoria Beckham Solange Knowles | Michelle Obama - that is going to be my dress sense in the next 7 years to come.

How do people respond to your style: I get looks, few comments here and there but the way they break their necks i take those as "Dayummm" LOL
Favorite fashion quote/s: Fashion isn't just about trends, it is a lifestyle. it is a reflection of ones personal taste- a sample of their personality displayed in front of you before you get to know the real deal.--Me
Favorite piece in your closet: I have quite a few, i love my vintage Gold silk shirt, stone wash and deep blue high waist mommy jeans and my Sac dresses. 
Favourite fashion accessories: My flat gold chain, my chunky beaded neck pieces (i have two of those)
Do you have a Style Crush on anyone-? Solange Knowles
Favorite designersI really can't say I have one, i'm fascinated by different pieces from different designers. 
Favorite stores or brands: H&M, Zara, Forever21, Mango, Belgium street markets and my mommy's treasure chest. 

Random: What’s in your purse; Can never leave home without my mirror, MAC lipstick, tissue, Cat eyed glasses, small tub of vaseline, a pen (everyone should travel with one) phone, wallet and gum.
What’s on your playlist: I am a hiphop head so i have new tracks from J.Cole, Cyph Da Prince,Weezy..some house here and there but house is to get me to my own world :)
Fashion is unique taste in what compliments and fits your body.
Favorite color/s: Purple Yellow (all shades) Green and Red are now beginning to tickle my fancy
Your dream job: Secretary General at the UN (Make Love not War) 
Do you have a hobby: I bake. I have a sweet tooth.Baking keeps me relax and sane and the output is delicious :)
Tell us three random things about you (that we don’t know): I am a lover of hats, i have quite a collection. I began walking when i was 9months (this kid been having missions to complete) and i love dark liquor
thank you

"A woman should be pink and cuddly for a man. "
PINK is thee COLOUR..get with the Tebbie Pink lips.
its GaTsh.

Get at her: facebook: Tebbie Outlule


  1. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww plis tell this chic that i love her lol


  3. Anonymous12:02 pm

    funky, i like.