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GaTshy Ear Waves "GA LWALWA MOO"


..*picks up mic*

HE, needs no introduction to the BOTSWANA BW MUSIC. He is a  HIP HOP-PER-vernuculur VERNUCULAR..MOTSWAKO-LIST-A+,did we mention LIST-A+??YES. MUSIC is his RILIJINE..He prides himself in sending a message to his fans, whether it’s in his lyrics or in his living. The thing is YOU gota LOOK, FEEL, TOUCH..OR FOLLOW THE MOVEMENT..his own movement.."gwa lwala moo".You can't create relevance or influence. you either are or you aren't. 




Occupation: Managing Director(LeTHABO MEDIA),Creative Director(Bafwe2 Kholekshion & Fresh 2 Tswak clothing)
Single or Married: Not married
Where are you from:Razi(Ramotswa)
What do you love most about your city:The and fashion-wise
What inspires your style and how would you describe it:My style is just the same as Debonnaires Pizza ha e delivariwa....if it ain hot you get it for free.Otherwise you got to pay.I get inspired by my son(Young Carda)...he has to get everything that he demands from me anytime.

Vintage or latest trend:FRESH 2 TSWAK clothing

Any Style Icons (dead or alive):I think not that sure.

How do people respond to your style: Mute people cant stop screamin when i passby and blind people cant stop discussing my style.


What are you into this season:Cargo pants,either black or brown shades,FRESH 2 TSWAK tees or just plain medium sized tees.

Favorite piece in your closet:Gucci shoes

Favorite designers:Lili Mphafe of Lil Nest Creations

Favorite stores or brands: Pep Store and Huang Whang(Chinese Boutique)

Favorite color/s: Brown and White


Do you have a hobby:yep....recording verses

Tell us three random things about you (that we don’t know):creative,dope,easy just


Is your stage name trademarked?:Yep...since 2001

What is your music background?:My music career started at the age of 9 when i got exposed to hip hop music mo strateng(at Bandleng) and got inspiration from listening to various rappers on television and watching them mo radiong..hahahahaa.
 I started rapping along established artist’s lyrics such as Crowded Crew, Baphixhile, Twistyle, Mobb Deep, Onyx, Wutang Clan, Nas, Jay Z and Busta Rhymes. I later on learned how to write my own lyrics, even though i always had to hide my book of rhymes at home because im from a very Christian family so i thought my parents don’t approve rap music.
I got introduced to the studio for the first time by my fellow school mate named Focus Paakane where i got to record my first motswako verse in 2001 after having vast experience of performing in variety shows and doing freestyles and battles around the streets of Lobatse.My rapping skills and ability got exposed at other areas around Botswana and South Africa(mainly at North West Province where there is a huge motswako fan base) as it being pursuit by various local and North-West rappers willing to feature me in their albums and mixtapes.
I started recording tracks for my sophomore album titled (FRESH 2 TSWAK),released in 2010, with the motive of basically exposing my God’s given talent directly to the masses in a creative street cultured wordplay skill.

Current radio singles:
-Ke tlaa go bolaisa marato ft Focus (love song)……………produced by Jason Chiggz
-Di ntsha ka yii(party song)……………..produced by BK Proctor at Basement Records
-Touch me (love song)………….produced by CouzyShines at Bad News Studios
-Tshiboga ft iLLuShen (street anthem)……….produced by Don Grand Omega at MaddLabb Productions
-Special girl ft Christyle (love song)……..produced by Christyle at Danger Zone Productions (SA)
-Always (street anthem)…….produced by Mlava at Musiq Gate Entertainment
-Check (street anthem)……..produced by Nephew at Stainless Steele Productions
-Ballin’ (party song)……..produced by Tuxc at E.R Records
-I want em all (street anthem)……produced by B-Block at Gwapp Goons Entertainments
-Summer Pina ft Tref(summer song)…….produced by Royal Dj at Fancy Path Music Group
-Hustler(collabo with Lex,Samba,Scar and Tshepo Lesole)......produced by Draztik & Dj Lemonka at 3rd Element Entertainment

Music videos:
-Di ntsha ka yii (powered by All Kasi clothing brand)
-Andadog Topdog (directed/edited by Ladute Productions)
-Baa temeka (directed/edited by Guru Digitals)
-Charley’s Blunder (directed/edited by Kgano Productions and Bixxx edit) powered by US Embassy Botswana
-Look Back (directed/edited by Bixxx edit)
-Ballin’ (directed/edited by Cardinal House)

Music video features and appearances:
-Pusha Summer (by P Mag)
-Get Down (by Notshi)*from South Africa*
-Holler at A Pantsola (by Cassper Nyovest)*from South Africa*
-Clueless (by Billy Slugz)
-Get Up And Go Theme Song (with various artists)
-Monana For Life Theme Song (with various artists)
-Gaborone Maggeba (by Magosi)
Media history:
-Television interviews with Botswana Television (Flava Dome), E-Botswana (The Foundation).2007-2011
-Radio interviews with Yarona 106.6 fm, Duma fm, RB2 fm, QwaQwa fm (SA), Y-fm (SA), Bad News fm.2003-2011
-Newspaper & Magazine interviews and reviews with The Echo, The Gazette, The Mirror, The Telegraph, The Voice, The Voice,Lapologa Magazine and Hub Magazine.2003-2011
-Volunteer in the Bra M programme. (A behavioral change initiative focused on encouraging less or no alcohol consumption among the youth, powered by PSI/Botswana.2009
-Lead actor in a bi-continental drama series titled “REBEL RHYMES”, powered by Soul City Africa and PSI/Botswana which premiered at New York African Diaspora film festival, SABC 1 and other African TV stations in 2009.
-Co-host at the Hip Hop Indaba every Thursday evening at Zoom Night Club.2009
-Founder and Director of LeTHABO MEDIA (a 100% citizen registered marketing and promotions agency with services ranging from events management, product launches, party planning and advertising).2010
-Radio co-host of a 1 hour hip hop show titled ‘Motswako Protectorate’ at Yarona 106.6fm every Saturday night from 09:00pm to 10:00pm.2010
-Volunteer in the ‘GET UP AND GO’ cd compilation and DVD, powered by U.S Embassy Botswana and Youth Health Organisation.2010
-Appeared on the front cover page for HUB MAGAZINE (Botswana’s first hip hop magazine).2010
-Model for Gear Master (hip hop clothing store) and appeared in their magazine advertisement.2010
-Co-host at the Hub Music Series (a hip hop battle competition held at Bull and Bush).2011
-Volunteer in the ‘EARTH ANGELS’ social entrepreneurship.(An edutainment programme of life skills and behavioral change for schools).2011
-Facebook groups: ‘TOUCH’, ‘FRESH 2 TSWAK clothing’, ‘Bafwe2 Kholekshion’
-Facebook page: Touch Motswako Software
-Internet sites:

Albums and mix tapes features:
-Focus (Focal Point-2002)
- Jay R (Mopheme-2005)
- Skazzo (Abaswe-2005)
- P-Mag (Kasi Class-2006)
- Ghavor (Face to Face-2008)

- BK Proctor (Volume 1 mix tape-2008)

-All Kasi (hip hop mix tape-2008)

- BK Proctor (Volume 2 mix tape -2008)

-HT (Tautona-2009)

-MaddLabb Productions (hip hop mixtape-2009)

-Street Rulz (hip hop mixtape-2010)

-United States of Bad News (hip hop mixtape-2010)

-Chicky Devils Productions (hip hop mixtape-2010)

-Dj Lemonka (Volume 2 hip hop mixtape-2010)

-Musiq Gate Entertainment (I’m Still Here hip hop mixtape-2010)

-Bluetooth Mixtape (2011)

-Black Chinese Mixtape (20110

-Cybil Nyte (Nyte Tym-2011)

-Go a Lwalwa Mo Mixspeiti (2011)

Who are your musical influences?:Nas,the late Johny Kobedi,Sopinda Senyonfere and Mzekezeke

What image do you think your music conveys?: Cleanliness,Creativity,Fun,Reality and Simplicity

How would you define the word “success”?:Switching from being ‘matlhola-a-di bona’ to being ‘matlhola-a-di konka’.

Do you have an entertainment law attorney to consult with?:Yep...24 hours

Which label are you signed to..or Are you looking for an independent label deal or a major label deal? (Why?):Husseldorf Rekordz

Comment on the music industry in your country:GO A LWALWA MO

What’s your scariest experience?:Groupies and performing for not here for that(i got mouth’s to feed).

Is the artistic life lonely? What do you do to counteract it?:Sometimes it is lonely.I prefer to bump a lot of music into my ear go i-causetsa meeting mo ditsebeng.

What is your dream project?:LeTHABO MEDIA going international.

Name three artists you’d like to be compared to:Ndingo Johwa,Chris Manto 7 and G Son.

BEST (dead/alive) entertainer out there?:Ntsoro and all actors tsa mo Family Matters.

What’s on your playlist?:GO A LWALWA MO mixspeiti(dropping ka December),Wat’se Radio,KT,Lefoko Mixtape,D-BLOCK singles,District XIII,Flowsik Da Diamond,Marvi Marv,Quitude,Naeto C,HHP’s MotswAfrika album,Cormega,Nas,Evidence,Big L,Redman.

Best album of all time?:Fresh 2 Tswak(my first album)

BEST SONG?:SUMMER PINA-Touch featuring Tref

What wouldn’t you do without?:My brain...naaah,uhm..eish..eish,i cant do without my cellphone,money and love.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?:Tshepo Tshola’s song....I  don’t know the title though...the one that says “Tsoga mo-Afrika/kgale o dutse gae/tsamaya o ye go iketsetsa tsa bophelo”....Everytime i hear that song i just wanna hit the streets to do something productive.No tswaken doubt!!vote for Motswakolistas Movement Front...."puso ya batho ka rap

"We AT GaTsh MIX with this song:
look back-TOUCH...

photography by: 8ties baby
GET AT HIM : FACEBOOK: Touch Motswak' Tswak'


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