Wednesday, 5 December 2012

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 We end 2012 with one of the biggest gatshy fashion brand!! The little summer forecast birdie has landed on GaTsh's Fashion directory. It predicts more Colorful, edgy- statement shoes, accessories just to turn you into an Egyptian goddess. Brace yourselves BOTSWANA, for ALDO, is opening right here in Gaborone, earlier this festive season, December! Its time for colour, style, and pushing the fashion envelope!

Originating in 1972, the brand will expand its presence in Africa by opening a store at Game City in Gaborone in December 2012. The lifestyle brand designed with male and female trend-setters in mind, ALDO is one of many international brands rapidly expanding across the African continent.

ALDO’s growth forms part of the House of Busby’s retail footprint expansion strategy in Africa. Selected for its high demand for ALDO product, Botswana and its customer base are comparable with South Africa, where the brand continues to perform exceptionally well.  Botswana locals, many of whom have travelled extensively, have come to know and aspire to the ALDO brand, ensuring its presence will be successful.

The ALDO store in Gaborone will stock the entire ALDO product offering. Local customers will have access to the identical range of heels, flats, boots, bags, handbags and accessories as stocked in the South African stores. A brand that is both aspirational and accessible, ALDO consistently offers its customers key fashion pieces at affordable prices.

ALDO has fast become one of Canada’s biggest success stories and is rated one of the top footwear and accessory brands in the world. Currently operating in over 700 corporate stores across Canada, the US and the UK and over 500 franchised stores worldwide, ALDO will soon be adding Botswana to its ever-growing global list. With plans to open stores in Kenya, Angola, Namibia and Mozambique in early 2013, ALDO’s domination of the footwear and accessory market on the African continent appears imminent.

 Its time for colour, style, and pushing the fashion envelope!

For more information visit: or

ALDO Gabarone:
Shop 90, Game City, Gaborone.



Cant wait right? DARE TO COLOUR.
 Make sure you are first in line to experience world class fashion. DECEMBER, its a fashion affair with ALDO.FASHION. ART. POP CULTURE.

Monday, 26 November 2012



Visible art. Sound relationship between clothes and yourself.
As you know by now, we are the fashion nerds. We don't conform to the fashion DO'S OR DON'TS, WE MIX AND MISS- DELIBERATELY. so when we spot a "fashion nerd", whether they mix and match but got that "GaTsh Gene" we instantly have to share with you guys.We are all for the dreams of the streets - people who aren't given a voice by corporate holdings.Here is our top 10 fashion bloggers list.They are because they are life givers. Thank us later!!

In NO particular ORDER..

Meet South-Africa's Vintage Blogger. She is Quirky, Fierce, Authentic, Gatshy all wrapped in one. Funeka is that hippie, that quirky stylista. We adore everything about her thats why we featured her in our Voice fashion column months back. Please, get inspired by our number 1 blogger, in terms of STyle. Shes been featured in a lot of magazines in S.a Glamour, Cosmo, Elle..all those highs.
four Ghanains, fashion nerds, like us, their love for fashion is major. Meet the Funk Berrys

Personal Blog for Neil Avil. He shows us how Black girls are killing it,globally- STYLE WISE. This is one of my fave personal blogs. It shows every and anyone disgustingly stylish.

My sister Star, one day dropped this link in my fb inbox. I had never looked at other blogs in a while until recently... Meet Folake, the style pantry fashion journalist. She is the epitome of style and oooh boy she has great fashion duds. Folake knows how to pair virtually any print and any article of clothing together, whether it’s menswear, girly pieces, or bohemian wear. Whatever the case, she can pair it and make it look great.
Let her tell it: “My style definitely gives a strong nod to the 70s.”- Folake.

The Expressionist!! No need to say a lot.

 A walking contradiction. A child of solitude. A prisoner of passion. Student of Psychology. Aspiring to dominate in matters of creative conduct. Whether it be in my photography, my words, in my fashion, or in my being. Fan of the arts. My chief pursuit is self-fulfillment. I have committed blunders, but harbor no regrets for any of 'em. Like every living being, I am flawed. "My flaws are perfection...I am flawed to perfection" I unknowingly and most times knowingly, place an emphasis on the essence of "breaking the mold" - doing the unusual. Please do - scroll down :)

6. .
Need we say more? we are all up for creativity and doing. do-ER.You got the link..Now young woman, D.I.Y!!

Whats a GaTsh Fro without how to Fro tips? We love this blog because its A stay-at-home Mom/VINTAGE junkie from way back and FASHION whore since birth!! She uses this blog to express her personal style and improve her photography skills. For sponsorships, collaborations, features, ad space or interviews just email her at why? because she is mixes and misses. Do we even have to talk about her being a Vintage virgin?
we'll forever cherish the day YaYa complimented us,  GaTsh Fros for our gatshy style. :)

Michelle., just like us, her office is in the streets. She got great passion and love for street style and personal style. All photo's are copyright Michelle Oberholzer. Please credit her when you reblog. its only right :)


 Urban Fieldnotes is a street style blog documenting fashion, style, and dress on the streets of Philadelphia and beyond. It is also a blog about street style blogging, an experiment in auto-ethnographic research and open-source fieldwork that is part of an ongoing project by Brent Luvaas entitled "Street Style 2.0: New Media and the New Politics of Fashion." This blog represents the views, perspectives, and preliminary findings of Brent Luvaas, a professional anthropologist and amateur fashion observer. This blog does not necessarily reflect the opinions and positions of Drexel University, his employer. Your comments and suggestions are welcome, but please note that any comments posted to this blog may be used in future presentations and publications, both print and digital, by Brent Luvaas.


10. Jillian is an attorney, so one would expect that she spends long nights at the office, but she has an impeccable ability to turn her conservative day wear into a sexy night look just by changing a few elements.
Check her out at Nusophisticate. Why we love her? Because she is a Lawyer!

This is the kind of fashion we live for.

 "More is more and less is a Bore"