Tuesday, 14 August 2012



 While AWOL..
Zebra on Cheetah on Leopard...Thongs and Sidewalks. Bright things on shiny things.
Print on Print on Print.....Mix-Miss Madness. Busier and Happier. Mind uber focused. Wings out, feet off the ground. Ready to take off.
 This has been our lives for every Weekend for the past eight months. Doing more of what we love doing, going punk and having fun while doing it. The love resonates all the time always all ways.   People seem to be into it and we are grateful, for every real 'like' we get, we are humbled. Things have been different since. The fashion has changed, our love is fully blown. We inhale, exhale style. The fashion pieces we once hated are what we love now. Such is life.

She asks us, "you'll always love me won't you?" and "the rain won't make any difference?"..We replied "NO""we love you fashion. We live for you, fashion.We live love life because of you!!

To cut the long story story here is what we've been up to..we gotta start somewhere..so lets..lets start here..

August, AUGUST, august!!!

Spring will be here soon. Can't believe its August already. 2012 is well on its way to be memorable.  This year has brought  along more ups, some downs , yet we are more determined than ever to keep on the path of our bliss....highly focused, with our eyes on the ball, feet wont fail us.

Gaborone Fashion Weekend. International designers, fierce gatshy models fros and bros. Media power houses. Tummy in, Chest out.Lights. Camera. Fashion. Welcome to the Gaborone Fashion Weekend. The weekend that was..10-11th AUGUST..A TIME of world class fashion. We were part of this big glamorous event as "the shows' stylists along side other fashion stylists and an international celebrity stylist ARIETA MURAY.  This experinece softened our grave of a thousand fears. We now know, we can make it, its just not a buzz, not a hobby, not a past-time thingy. We are born to do this. Its overwhelming. Its in our souls..our soul cages.

Fashion stying/ blogging/ fashion journalism/ image consultancy.This is our personal legend. The key to our happiness.

the gods have ways of 
telling you things when you think you know a lot
or worse when you think 
you know just a little-charles bukowski

so we sat our big bums down, blogged. We blog when we have to, and not when we need to.

 Sorry for the long post, by now you know we all about "FASHION", and that, This is the one thing we can talk about freely, without any fear bros and fros, here is our weekend pictures.

We promise to blog more often.  Koketso Chiepe, we are forever grateful. Thank you.


DI-MONDE REIGN.."Pattern me Crazy Chic"
Fatima Mekgwe MTK Brand. Street Style galore.
International Model Chanel King in LaQuan Smith Design.  <3

Koketso Designs. So what!! We young, wild and Free!!

EVA May Collection.


The Stylists: GaTsh Fros, Arieta Muray and Liiqeriish

"I am not a STAR, somebody lied" ... GaTsh Fros Tsholo (Me- Ladi insane fro) with EVE MAYGILIP (the big brother Africa 7 hottiee/ fashion stylist/ Designer "Eva May":) "

our fashion nerd stylist Tshepo Losyka Kutjwe (left) with our gorge international gatshy model Kaone Kario (winner of Nokia face of Africa 2005)
 *refer to text in photo* yep. We are thee GaTsh Fros. left (Tsholo) right Gaone.
Sugar levels low, Stress levels high. Gaborone Fashion Weekend backstage preparations.

Only she can pull it off. Please dont try this at home fellow fashionista. Randy Nkwe, Style is how.


When in doubt, colour your hair RED. love!

Men, are not nice guys:)

Ready to Strut... Models in Koke Designs.


Di-Monde Reign blazer. Leaning in our African stances,THIS is. DUG.dI-Monde Reign Blazer.

 Africana. Africanism, a trend to watch out for, in Spring!! Lebo Merafhe, DI-Monde Reign Designs.

 24TH High Street by GALA MOLABI. COLOUR. spring. PATTERNS. what more do you want?? now go OUT, play in the sun.

 need we say more??

Gala Molabi "24th High Street. One Word.GaTshy!!

 one of GaTsh's fave..TSWANA LYRIC by Buhle Mguni. She is bad nuuuz.Statement much??
 EXAGGERATE your thoughts. Push through. DO. Head Gear and Neck piece by Sino Ragontse

and AFTER PARTY its the after Pardieee..


 Model: Kaone Monamodi!! Vintage Spill

 Miss Michelle and Sharon. Swerve! i know you know its the "in" thing..ohkay.

 Our very own stars!! Thembi Legwaila and Neo!

 Fashion Envelope? there is no envelope.

KELE. kele kele love:). She IS JUST. GORGE!!

We'd like to thank the following people (team) for a great show.
  • The designers
 -Koketso Chiepe (Koketso) and her other collection (Koke)
-LaQuan Smith
-Botho Chalebgwa (Botocy)
-Ephraim Molingoana (Ephymol)

 -Tania Charakupa (Rohoraha)
-Mummy Molapo (Spruce)
-Kealeboga Merafhe (Di-monde Reign)
-Fatima Mekgwe (MTK Brand)
-Lesley Mmokele (Les Wears)
-Aobakwe Molosiwa (Glided sands)

Eve Maygilip (Eva May)
  • The models
  • The artists
  • The Crew 
  • The Stylists
  • The photographers
  • You, Audience.

CREDITS (blog pictures):

Photography: Kutjwe Photography
designers : 24 High Street by Gala Molabi
Tswana Lyric by Buhle Mnguni
DI-Monde-Reign by Lebo Morafhe
 Koketso Chiepe (Koketso) and her other collection (Koke)
MTK Brand by Fatima Mekgwe  
Sino Ragontse
Eve Maygilip

Remember to all ways always. Smile in Face and in Mind. Repeat.

hey, we missed you..

TILL the NEXT GaTsh FASHION moment!