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hellllllooo world check out this interview i did..weeks ago with one of our local to be punk:style me me me ME:)

Today i bring you someone local, someone who knows what she is doing and what she wants and is representing Botswana fashion with pride. i love it when young people take the driving seat in their lives and do what they do best, and being the fashion freak that i am, it was just bout time before they caught my eye, they are and GaTsh Fros she is one half of this duo Tsholo Dikobe. I managed to get an interview with her to figure out who is tsholo, what she likes, and what it is about fashion that tickles her fance ... Enjoy

1.Tell us a littile about yourself and where you from and how does where you live influence your style

1well, I am...a dancer at heart..Fashion lover at soul..and a great down to earth insane lady from thamaga..who loves laughin..loves life.WELL my style is influenced by my mum( she has a good eye for detail, cut and ALL things clothes...i guess shes a big part of my "inner style"..the insane ladi in me is just an extension of her).
2.i always had that.."style" now that v able to listen to me, and do me than when I was still n my childhood years.To me its not about where I live bt its the “you” scenario:)..however, Africa’s added some eccentric, afroCentric thingy in me..that I love..your natural hair..bold prints..and patterns..”very in” at the moment...and as for my style, for me Style goes beyond the hanger you touch,or that edgy pallazo in the those top is audacity,ur individuality, ur independence, ur inner being so my soul is my style..where I live is my stage.

2.How did you first get involeved or interested in fashion and whats your take on style/fashion today ?

To me fashion is an art..Art has been a major part of my life since childhood..i guess from there, the love of art extended from paintin, drawing, dancing and found its way to material..clothes..FASHION. as for FASHION today, i think our generation has grown more dependent on watching others tell them 'how to'.the internet is showing us alot to choose from and sometimes i think it gets in the way i am not saying that people watching isn't stimulating, i just think that it could become a hindrance for those trying to find themselvesthe interweb has made this generation more self conscious,more aware of what people think and how they feel about uswe care too muchwe worry about the wrong there are copy cats and people are tryin to be the end we’l all look the same. Be you. be daring..that’s all.

3.Whats your personal style and its influences / inspiration and are there any fashion icons or famous people whose style you admire and why?

my personal style I think its GaTsh.THAT is,I just “mix and miss”deliberately. I like breakin rules..i dnt read terms and conditions, am a fearless bastard.. I wear anything I wan, I see what I like,wear what I like..and how I want it..mix and miss..edgy, and it doesn’t have to match or be all colourful...if you think its insane..then I like.thats a compliment TO ME IF U CANT UNDERSTAND how m dressed..i feed of from don’t have to understand it. 'i don't dress to impress, i guess i dress to confuse. I want to look undated as possible.timeless.. BUT over the years iv looked up to fashion icons like AGYNESS, JUNE AMBROSE, AMBER ROSE AND CHOMY OF CULTURE CYNIC.and Gaone mothibi(LOCAL FASHIONISTA FRO),these chicas/ fros are EPIC.i bow.they do NOT follow rules. They make their own rules.I LOVE THEM.

4.How do you describe the fashion scene in Gaborone compared to other major cities/fashion capitals?

Uggggh, GC MY GOODNESS. My beloved landlocked country.shame.anyways AM embarrassed but id like to believe we warming up to fashion..and fashion as an industry..some of us are trying..take for example, ur designers, botocy(new fave designer in bots), mpho kuaho, koketso chiepe,to name a few... I guess it’s all about small steps..Will get there eventually.I dnt know when, but wel get there.:)

5.A fashion rule you always break?

I “mix and miss”...i dnt like lookin’ put together or smart. I’d wear one colour from head to toe..or contrasting really contrasting as off track as possible..

6.A fashion rule you never break?

Hmmm THATS A GOOD question, the one fashion rule I never break is..make not look like a clown. With makeup minimal is key unless you goin for a kiddies clown pardie. AND weaves are a no no for me, believe that.(not sayin all weaves are ugggh but I dnt do weaves).COMFORT..i have to be comfortable.period.

With Designer Indashio

7.Your favorite colour(s) of the moment are?

All time favourite colour is yellow..I don’t know, its just brightens up my day anytime of the day..AND LIME.BUT at the moment am so in love wit royal blue and RED. Earth colours..i think it must be a maturity thingy..but royal blue and red..yes!

With Model/Actress Yaya Decosta

8.What advice would you give to someone seeking fashion advice?

if the only reason you aren't dressing as loud, as mad, as happy as (you want) its because you are worried about whether people are going to get it or like it, rethink your thinking and think about them less... how does it make you feel? like really make you yourself as loudly or as quietly as you choose, the point is that you actually choose and own that choice instead of letting others tell you how you should only get one life, this is it ! so wear what you want, like what you like, feel how you want, but do it on your own terms so you are not always doubting or second guessing everything you do....

here is to you feeling and being as fearless as you want to be and for giving less of a fuck about what the world thinks and hopefully finding your conviction in style, in love, in life in general mehn!

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