Thursday, 15 September 2011

P20 OR P200..

i treat my wardrobe like i treat life in general, i 've got my principles that i live by, have lived by and will continue to live by...
i don't need a better wardrobe, or better clothes, or better shoes
i am not looking to upgrade, or move up or cycle over
i love things that look good, i even appreciate things that look 'just ok' and i have mad respect for shit that no one else wants...I know i can make it work so i never stress
that's the joy of dressing for me

I don't care if i am in or out,it is not about who wore it first or who wore it best,i couldn't care less 
my 'style principles' aren't motivated by poverty or wealth 
it is simply a reasonable path i have chosen
the more i can afford something, the least likely i am to buy it. it is an unwavering refusal to let the 'tag' speak for me.

 P20 or P200? does it change the fact that it looks good..
here are our GaTsh little puzzles that make the "mix and miss" FABFASH.

i hate when girls try to apologize for their 'frugal' ways. I say frugal because 'cheap' sounds even worse
if you pay 80 instead of 300, that's not being cheap, that's just been clever. 
what is there to feel bad about...?

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