Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Don't lose your head because you are trying to get ahead

If you are blogging to find fame and garner sponsorship then you can forget we are having this conversation obviously. but if blogging is about the individual's passion then the focus can't just be about building readership and accumulating followers. 
Even if you are a professional blogger , you can still go at your own pace. focus on your own contribution, blog about things that resonates with you, and just have fun. if you are dressing in a certain way to build fans, trust me the effort will take its toll eventually no need to be a tryhard. it is better to stick to doing something at your pace than 'burning' out trying to keep up.

Regardless of what anyone tells you Fashion/Style blogging is not that 'complicated' or at least shouldn't be over thought if you are  really doing you.  All you need is a working camera (need not be a DSLR) , a willing person to take the pics (need not be an aspiring photographer/boyfriend even, or use a selftimer) and a blog to post it on.  Assuming you are the 'fashionista' you claim to be, there shouldn't be a 'put together' stage to produce editorial quality pictures. i don't know about you but i don't go to fashion/style blogs looking for editorial quality anything. i go to see their 'style' These days especially on the interweb, it is easy to mindlessly exist, to see without actually processing, to believe things we see and read without thinking.  While i appreciate great photographs and great stage compositions, none of these things are necessary to be successful.

I only care about the individual's  creativity, delivery and  style 'pulloffability ' their spirit and take on the world, everything else is just props/details. I speak for myself here, but i am more interested in what is going on with the person stylewise than everything else going on in the background. 

Style is not about the clothes, it goes deeper . it is in the way the person lives ,thinks and processes the world. it doesn't have to be "fashionable' . it just has to come from within...people who like it will come back for more and if they don't, it shouldn't change the way you feel about yourself. don't spend time worrying about how to find fame and success through your blogging , focus on what you want to say, what you want to wear, who you want to be. 

Find your own love and create your own success.  Be inspired but don't depend on the 'outside' world to influence everything you do or who aspire to be. instead of modeling yourself after someone else, look within yourself and focus on how you can be the best you. follow your heart , listen to yourself more, trust yourself and more importantly LOVE yourself and never be afraid to show it. don't dress for hype point or chic points, do it because you love it and it won't seem forced, those who get it will follow you without you having to convince them or overpromote yourself. 

Now i am not here to discredit anyone or argue about who has 'it' and who doesn't. i am just trying to say fashion blogging needs to stop taking itself seriously and it may actually realize its potential.Fashion blogging will need to go beyond the hype to really be influential.

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