Monday, 11 June 2012

YOU, are bot to trend..


Its been a long time, yes we know but its only because we have soo much to do. The #%$# weather is here. Botswana is  on a - ..oh well that doesn't mean we should dress shabbily. Mix and miss, if you cant.. clash it, yes even in winter.

there is so much we wan' share but we dont wan' overshare, i guess we'll talk some other time. For now here is what we'v been up to.

go outside, get it, things are free only if you work for them. I know we are working on ours.

cry, rant, scream, repeat but get back to dreAMING and creating..

 Insane Fro

 insane fro & Robin Rob

 gwizzie gee fro & soul sister young

here is how they keep trending in the cold..

the fashion nerds we loved..

she puts the WIN in WINter.LOVE the STATEMENT neckpiece and Blazer.

 color blocking/sling bags still trending. Believe the hype.

Gala, When in doubt wear RED-bill.

Precious Fani': these boots weren't ONLY made for walking.

show love still, love and light.
ska bua thata. let your work..

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