Monday, 26 March 2012



soooooooo WE got a FEATURE IN GLAMOUR MAGAZINE site, "style diary".Stoked!!!!..We dont know what to say, words fail us, let us just speak volumes the best way we know how..

THIS IS WHAT WE WORE last week.The diary closes on the 30th March..these are the looks that made the diary, the emotions, poetry, art, through our clothes.It is the pattern in us, sometimes we don't know how We do it but we just DO IT-we really COMPLEMENT each other..and our styles are just a Beautiful song..same melody but different lyrics.Not so secret weapon decoded...everything old is 'new' again!its a GaTshy Retro revial era.And we dont care who the kings and queens are

WE buy what WE like
WE wear what WE like
that's what is all about
that's what it boils down to..

Monday is here already! Here is hoping the rest of the week flies by...
Happy New Week.

P.s We still writing.... till 30th.
sho love still..



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  1. once again I bow.. I love every single outfit.. im speechless that's how good you are.